Pammie's kids teased about sex tape

Pamela Anderson says her children have been teased at school about her infamous sex tape featuring ex-husband Tommy Lee.

Anderson, who has two children - Dylan Jagger, 10, and Brandon Thomas, 12 - said her children were receiving jibes about the tape which was one of the first celebrity sex tapes released on the internet.

"They’re starting to get to that age where they are defending mummy," Anderson said.

"Brandon was upset yesterday because some kids said some things at school. Kids can be so mean but I knew this would come.

"I just explained that we are good people and we’ve never done anything to hurt anyone. I just want them to enjoy school and enjoy life.

"They’ve seen a lot in their little lives but they’re great kids."

Anderson first told her kids about the tape when they asked if they could watch the film Borat.

”I explained to them ... 'Mum and daddy run about naked all the time and we taped some things ... and someone stole the tape.'


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