Pamela Anderson Unintentionally Shows Her Breasts

The most shocking thing about the above headline isn't that Pamela Anderson whipped out her lady parts---it's that she did it unintentionally. Now that's what we call a stop-the-presses news (and titty) flash.

While filming an upcoming episode of the Osbourne's new variety show, Osbourned Uploaded (an Osbourne's reality show? Sounds riveting) Pammy had one of those pesky planned wardrobe malfunctions. During a skit called "Guess the Guest" the Osbourne were blindfolded and Pamela was sprawled on the ground (nobody explains why she was on the ground---I guess we'll just have to watch the show and find out! Not.) and when she jolted up, exposed her stretched, ballooned mammaries for the audience.

Large breasts will always have their connoisseurs, if you will, but Pamela Anderson's babies without air brushing could probably double as a feature on Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Here's hoping they still looked somewhat human.

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